Tigers Eye branding

The Tigers Eye Hawkshead was founded through a need for a change of lifestyle and pace and to fulfil a dream. The little jewellery shop in the Lake District was a source of wonder and curiosity on trips to this ancient and historical place over the last 25 years, gems dazzled and glinted to entice the customer and sisters, Jane and Sarah were captivated by them. So when the shop owner went into retirement it was a chance for a dream to become reality and they bought the little jewellery shop and launched a new venture, bringing a new lease of life and sharing its magic with more people.

The Brief:

Independent jewellers Tigers Eye wanted to create a new brand identity that represented the region they were from as many stones they sell are exclusive to the area.

Avoiding the obvious idea of incorporating a Tiger into the branding, the client wanted a logo that would resemble the Lake District in a simple, yet contemporary way.





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